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How the Peloton App changed my workout attitude

Have you ever found yourself basically just going through the motions? You are sticking to your routine- still getting your workout done, but really kind of ho hum?? Welcome to my post NYC Marathon world. I kept up with my runs. I had gotten into the routine of fairly easy miles while catching up on my shows on my iPad. I became lax about Saturday runs, which used to be my favorites because I didn’t have as much time pressure. The reality is my body deserved some easy miles after a marathon training cycle and running the marathon. Let’s be real- if I’m being truly honest- my mind and body needed a little respite. I went back to work full time in July after being home for nearly 8 years. My dad died in August. I started marathon training the week after. We are still negotiating a pandemic. So seriously- if I take a moment maybe I would give myself some grace. But instead, I’ll admit I was in a funk!!

January rolled around and I went back to being committed to adding strength training into the mix. I’m convinced my hamstring pain during the marathon came from my lack of focus on core strength work during my last training cycle so I’m doubling down on my efforts. All this to say- I was still kind of in an overall workout funk. I was looking for more flexibility than my current online program offered along with more runner specific strength training.

Lightbulb moment came at the end of January when I remembered that the health insurance at work included a year free of the Peloton app. Clearly the Peloton App is not something new, but somehow it was new to me. I have plenty of friends who use the app and own the bike, yet I had never given it any serious thought. No harm in giving it a try. Let’s just say that I quickly became addicted to the app. I could now schedule my various workouts to keep a balance of the activities that I’m trying to achieve. I literally laugh each time I pick a run. Why? Because I swore up and down I didn’t need someone “telling me how to run” when I was running. Clearly, I was wrong. Whether it’s reevaluating my breathing or cadence the guided runs have been helpful. Not only that, my treadmill has seen inclines that I didn’t even know were possible. I’m mixing up my paces, inclines and types of runs. I’m pushing myself again, while at the same time not overdoing it. In thinking about my form and cadence, I’m working towards a more effective running style. I feel stronger and refocused on not only my running but my strength training.

I really love the opportunity to participate in Live classes. Live classes have been particularly helpful on Saturday mornings when I’m tired from the week! 8:30 Live classes with Becs Gentry have been my Saturday morning go to. Even my family is now planning around my 8:30s with Becs. It sounds so simple, but adding that little bit of accountability can make all the difference when you are feeling lazy after a long week.

Susie Chan has helped me take my runs to a whole new level. Incline and speeds- pushing me outside of my comfort zone and reminding me why I’m on the treadmill. Not only that she’s super responsive on Instagram. Translation she responds when I tag her after a run. Again, having this extra cheerleader is so valuable in pushing past the ho hum and moving towards strength and inspiration in your miles. Susie in London so I have yet to make a live class until today!! I’ve been in my workout clothes all morning anxiously awaiting her 2:30 ET 45 minute pops run. Truth be told my left knee has been a little funky, but I can’t miss out on this spring break opportunity to catch a live class with her!!

Why do I share my new love of the Peloton app? Maybe you are like me and trying to negotiate life getting back to “normal” post pandemic, with kids and work and all the other things that come with life and you need a little inspiration with your workout. So I’m here to say- don’t be afraid to try new things. While not every new thing is going to work out- there is that chance that you could stumble upon something great and make it a part of your life!