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You’ve got this- #sharethespark

For those of you who don’t know I’m the product of a small business owner. I often say that my work ethic comes from my Dad who worked tirelessly, six to seven days a week in a business that his father created. In the food industry, skilled as a butcher he had the ability to be kind when others weren’t and to work more hours in one week that many don’t even work in two. And you know what, I’m not sure I ever heard him complain. He just got up and did what had to be done and did it again the next day.

So that was a long introduction into why small businesses are near and dear to my heart. And while I’m partial to small business, not all are created equal. Some go above and beyond. Over the last several years I’ve become acquainted with Momentum Jewelry. Founder, Amy Cochrane while holding a plank one day looked down at her wrist and had a lightbulb moment. Your wrist, while you are running, working out, “momming” (yes it’s a verb) or simply just living life is the perfect place for a motivational message.

I’ve mentioned before that I LOVE words, quotes and phrases. So you had me at motivational message and personalized jewelry. But Momentum is so much more than jewelry. It’s this amazing community of employees who do everything from hand stamp the motivational messages to making sure when USPS loses yet another package that you get your items replaced. (and everything in between). And I know that I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ll say it again, when I reached out regarding a fundraiser for my quest to run the NYC Marathon. (It will happen…I just don’t know when.). The Momentum staff responded so generously and warmly to my request that I really couldn’t believe it. It was one of those renew your faith in humanity kind of moments. So they walk the walk and talk the talk. They are truly cheering everyone on!!

So that’s one amazing part of the community- but then here’s the amazing group of people- those who also love Momentum Jewelry. I love reading their inspiring messages, sayings that are important to them and see how they are pushing themselves along in life.

Let’s be real- life has its ups and downs in good times. Throw in a pandemic and holy cow if you don’t need a positive community cheering you on now I don’t know when else you possible could.

Each year Momentum Jewelry has a week of focusing on #sharethespark. I couldn’t be more excited to be selected as an Ambassador this year. In case you didn’t notice I already love them and what they stand for so I’m certainly happy to share that love. As an ambassador I was lucky enough to get my kit of goodies in advance of the big week. Included were two new sayings. Yay! Added bonus I get to share one of the motivational wraps with a friend/family member. I’ll be bringing one along to Arizona with me next weekend for my sister. As we navigate what it means to have a Dad with Alzheimer’s we constantly need a positive reminder and what better than a Motivational Wrap.

Shall we take a look at what was included in the kit?

Let’s start with the Foot Note. This little beauty fits perfectly on the lace of your shoes. As a runner, there’s no better place for the reminder to STAY STRONG. With that said, this would be a great reminder at times other than running. I’m wearing these next weekend when I travel as a reminder to STAY STRONG.

Then there were three motivational wraps. The new messages really spoke to my soul!!

YES! you can– Well if this doesn’t apply to just about anything I don’t know what does. Too tired to get up and get your workout in before work, school, the kids get up- yes! you can! Feeling defeated by your day or unable to get something accomplished YES! you can. Need some time to yourself to think and just be YES! you can take the time. I could go on and on. This is perfection!

Simply said- JUST SHOW UP. Show up for yourself. Show up for others. When it’s easy, when it’s hard JUST SHOW UP. Does this resonate with you??

Don’t look back. Again, a simple yet powerful message. Why you aren’t heading that way. You learned what you could from the past keep moving forward. You aren’t necessarily the same person today as you were yesterday or years ago. Is that good, bad or just right where you are supposed to be? So- YES! you can, just show up and don’t look back are the perfect combination of new additions to add to the Motivational Wrap collection. So tell me- which is your favorite new saying?

As you can see there’s a lot of meaning packed into something so small. Not only that you can decide how the words connect to you for the extra motivation that you need to get that run done, tackle the day and make the most of each and every day!!

I can’t wait to #sharethespark this week with Momentum Jewelry, but you know I’ll be sharing the spark well beyond this week! Tell me in the comments below which new saying speaks to you!