Fit Mom

It’s time to ride! The pivot from running to spinning.

In January of 2019 I didn’t say I want to run marathons. I said, I want to move for thirty minutes a day. One thing led to another and before I knew it I wanted to run a half marathon. I trained and ran one half, then two, then Covid happened. Before I knew it I had my head in the marathon game. In October I ran my third marathon in two years. Marathon one- virtual NYC marathon in my neighborhood during Covid. Marathon two- the real deal NYC marathon and Marathon three the Chicago Marathon. Each experience was unique. Each training cycle focused on running for those who can’t and raising important dollars for the Alzheimer’s Association. Life has changed since January of 2019…you think? Covid was a game changer. But I also went back to work full time. Making the time to train was a fine balance. Even with a flexible training plan there are still only so many hours in the day to get all the miles in. Training for a marathon is in essence a part time job on top of being a mom, wife and a full time job. Don’t get me wrong I love the routine of a training plan. I love having the goal of a race in mind. I absolutely love the moments before the start in knowing I did all that I could to run the best race possible. Not to mention that absolute joy of crossing the finish line. All that said, after the Chicago marathon I was just burnt out from the pressure of hitting my mileage. Physically I felt fine. I was blessed with another injury free training cycle. How lucky am I that my body enables me to put it under such extreme conditions? Mentally, I had ZERO motivation to run…Zero! I still ran a few times after Chicago and before November 12 because I was running a half marathon. But I literally did the absolute minimum. Don’t get me wrong I love the One Peloton app with the wide variety of runs that get me moving. My heart just wasn’t in it.

What to do?? Fair question. For over a year I had been looking at the Peloton Bike. I would put it in my cart and take it back out. In the cart. Take it out. After my half marathon in November, I had no other races on the books. The time was right. Plus a huge early Black Friday sale from Peloton made it a done deal. November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving the bike arrived. I was so darn excited. Literally did a live ride within an hour of the bike arriving. It was on! I was excited again. I was ready to get my groove back.

Kelly got her groove back! In January of 2022 I started using the One Peloton app with my non Peloton treadmill. I loved it. It pushed me to try new things on the tread and honestly allowed me to do all of my marathon training indoors. I have my favorite trainers. It’s fun to follow them on Instagram and to be cheered on by the One Peloton community. I enjoy hitting milestones. But there is something different about doing Peloton classes on a Peloton device. Peloton started with the bike and has added on other options such as tread, rowing, strength etc. There are significantly more bike classes. And way more live class options.

While on the app I could see others that were there, I was never really sure who I was seeing, I knew I wasn’t seeing everyone who was in the class and I couldn’t rank on the leader board. As someone who might be just a little competitive I enjoy the extra push that the leaderboard provides.

The spin screen on the bike is a game changer. I’m back into doing strength classes and no longer have to use my phone or iPad. It’s seemingly a small change but makes big difference.

I know what you are thinking…the novelty hasn’t worn off yet or I’m still in Peloton Bike honeymoon phase. But that isn’t it at all. First it’s been two months. After two months of being inconsistent after the Chicago marathon I’m back into a routine and being consistent. I’m energized and eager to work out in the morning again. That is not to say that getting up at 5:00 in the morning is an enjoyable experience, but I truly have a better day after I exercise. Additionally, I’m not just spinning. I’m strength training and consistently walking 2-3 days a week. I’m enjoying power walking and the hikes on the Peloton App. I’m back to having some variety in my exercise, back to some cross training and strength training.

While at dinner with friends last night we chatted a little about upcoming races and racing plans. I still have zero races on the calendar. When asked how that made me feel, I was surprised how much I was at peace with that decision. I anticipate I will get some series FOMO as the races approach, but until then I’m going to enjoy the variety of my exercise routing, be grateful that I can exercise and move my body for 30 minutes each day. That is my main fitness goal for 2023. Not 1000 miles, not a marathon. Move for at least 30 minutes each day. You know what, some days like yesterday I exercise for nearly two hours. But then some days like today I’ll take a 30 minute power walk. It’s all about balance and enjoying what you are doing! If your fitness routine has stopped bringing you joy- don’t be afraid to try something new!