Life Lessons

Holy Moly- It’s October!!

It’s October 2nd. September was literally the longest, yet shortest month ever. Anyone else find September to be complete madness? It’s back to school- and everyone is getting back into a routine. For me it’s the height of Jewish holiday season- which means lots of meals and time at services. While I enjoy both- when they fall “early” and in the middle of the week it just makes life a bit more challenging. This year I added the whole still transitioning to my new job, I have lots of night events to the mix. And this year and only this year it will also be the month after my father died. The time when I keep going left foot, right foot, getting the things done knowing something totally random had the potential to set me off at any time. It was my highest mileage since June. It was also a read four books kind of month. September was a MONTH. But here we are and it’s October. I’m sitting outside with a sweatshirt- (oh man I love fall weather), blogging, meal planning and downloading my next read to my Kindle (despite having a stack of books that keeps growing in my room to read). But I’m also sitting here thinking that a quarter of the year remains. While part of me is already thinking of goals for 2022 (yes, I already have my Erin Condren planner ready to go) the other part of me is like slow your roll you have a quarter of this year remaining to do great things.

A few years ago I started setting goals for the year- writing a letter to myself of the things that I hoped to accomplish for the given year. FYI the first year I did this I just realized was 2020. I’m sitting here laughing because we barely got quarter of 2020 in before Covid hit. In looking at my list for 2021 some of the items are checked off; others will not get accomplished (sorry to say 1500 miles is looking like it isn’t going to happen) but there’s still time for others. Like running an in person marathon!! Here I come NYC!!! Or sneaking away for the weekend with my husband. This year isn’t over- there is a lot still to come- a lot to still focus on! Time to double down on the focus and keep moving forward.

Basically most of my thoughts are focused on the NYC Marathon right now. It’s a little over a month away. Once it’s over it will practically be Thanksgiving and before you know it the year will be over. Yikes!! Now it’s time to start holiday shopping! I’m joking- but really it’s time to get started and cross that stuff off your list! PS I highly recommend Book of the Month…basically for everyone! It has helped broaden my reading repertoire and reconnect with my best friend from college. It’s also like I’m already mentally preparing to check out after the marathon, like my year will be over. Clearly it will be far from over, but I’ll be cruising with my miles for the remainder of the year and pick up more strength training as I won’t be as concerned about miles.

So what are some way to close out this last quarter of the year with a bang?? Those goals or resolutions, if you are a resolution maker can actually happen now. You don’t need to wait until 2022 to drink more water and less wine- exercise more or get more organized. Start doing it today!!! It’s a little dorky- but then again so am I, but I make little check boxes in my planner for the things I want to focus on. There’s just something about checking off the box to give me the satisfaction of knowing that I made that item a priority. For example, I’m going to be dialing in on my nutrition this month and water consumption. And also- getting back to bed by 10:00 PM. In other words- trying to get my body as physically ready as possible to run the NYC Marathon.

But I’m also over here thinking about my reading goal for the year. My goal was 36 books. The start of the year was slow with reading because I was reviewing NYU applications so my reading really picked up in March. I’m at 34 books right now. So now I’m thinking- can I read 48?? I feel like I have the ability to get another 10 books read before the end of the year. So I’m doubling down on that goal too- bumping 36 books to a reach goal of 48, but probably a more realistic goal of 44. But we shall see. Which you know, already has me thinking about whether I can read 52 books next year. Keep in mind I read 16 books last year, so I’ve already doubled that with more to come. I might be a little overzealous with my goal of 52 (kind of like I was with running 1500 miles have running 1300 and change last year- but I’m definitely considering it for 2022.

So what are you going to do with the remaining quarter of the year? There are the things we can control and the ones that we have no control over. Covid has certainly taught me that. I don’t like it, but I’ve come to accept it a bit better. Focus on the things you can control. Take charge in the areas of your life that you know need focus today- don’t wait for some day in the future. Oh and balance that with understanding you can only do so much. Enjoy the time with family and friends, curl up with the book, go for a walk. Let’s crush 2021 and go into 2022 stronger. That’s not to say 2021 was perfect…far from it. But that we took the highs and lows from the year and allowed them to make the best versions of ourselves. And that best version of us is closing out 2021 strong while banging on 2022’s door saying I’m ready- let’s do this!