Finish 2020 Strong, Look ahead to 2021

I’ve created a monster

Or have I? You’ve seen me say from time to time that the boys are always watching. Ironically enough, I started my running and fitness journey for me. As so time to myself. It has evolved over time to become a family affair. As hard as I try to get up earlier than they do during the week to get my workout done, somehow they are still up in time. At first, I was bummed, I just wanted a little quiet time to start my day and to binge my latest show on Amazon Prime as I ran, but I realized, as with everything else…they are always watching.

We are in the cold days of winter here in Maryland. With snow and ice on the ground it’s really not ideal for running outside. So I’ve been running indoors for the last several weeks. With lots of extra energy, I suggested that the boys could also run on the treadmill today. As is pretty typical, my five year old did his thing for about 5-7 minutes and then was ready for a break. My seven year old on the other hand diligently ran a mile. Upon finishing retrieved his school iPad, snapped a selfie and then proceeded to decorate the picture to share with his friends when he gets back to school.

This left me thinking….1) they see me take a lot of sweaty selfies to share on IG on a regular basis. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I don’t do the workout to take a picture. I do the workout because I’m committed to the program and enjoy it. But why do I share my pictures?? Well, because it’s nice to be part of a community. Especially in 2020 we need to feel part of a community even more than ever. We are checking in on each other and our goals. We are supporting each other through the tough workouts and the miles. 2) It’s OK to want to share. It’s ok to be proud of our accomplishments no matter how big or small and want to share it with our friends. As long as it’s done in a humble and kind fashion, share away. You never know who you might be motivating in the process. 3) Leading a healthy lifestyle is something I want the boys to emulate. In order for them to do so, they need to see me doing it, not just hear about it when I’m done. Over the last few weeks I’ve added Beachbody #mbf and #mbfa into my fitness routine. It’s HARD. Not going to lie some days are easier than others but a lot of days are hard. They have seen me struggle and push through. Take a break when I needed to and then continue. They’ve questioned whether I should stop and we’ve talked about the importance of safely pushing our bodies in order to grow and get stronger. But they have also seen me get better at the various exercises and stronger in the process. We’ve laughed at me in the process, but the number of life lessons in a 30-40 minute workout are actually pretty profound.

One last funny story. This week I began #mbfa. By the end of #mbf I actually felt like I was holding my own and could do it, therefore I thought making the transition to #mbfa would be manageable. Day 1- Leg day…it was WORK. Oh my goodness. Today was Day 2. Core/Cardio day. The pace is way faster and the moves more complicated. Core/Cardio days also include As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) at the end. In #MBF it was four minutes at the end of the workout. Over the last few weeks, J has been my tallier at the end of each round. He cheers me on- pushes me to get as many done in the appointed time. Today’s core workout was fierce. I was spent by the time we got to AMRAP. J is all ready with the board and to do the tallying for me. Keep in mind that’s supposed to be the time when you catch your breath and get a drink of water. But he’s convinced if he does the tallies then I can get more rounds done. This is not a bad theory for four minutes. But wait for it. He’s all set, ready to begin and what does Megan Davies say…AMRAP is for 6 minutes. Hold the phone. Two extra minutes might not seem like a long time but it’s like an actual lifetime at the end of a workout and when you are trying to do as many rounds as possible. So I’m like hold up in my head thinking no one said anything about 6 minutes, when my 7 year old comes out with “Holy cow mom did she just say 6 minutes? Think of how many extra rounds you can do with two extra minutes.” Yes, son if I don’t die. But the moral of the story is I didn’t die. I pushed through. I crushed the AMRAP and he cheered me on. But he’s a tough cookies. He’s going to expect me to beat this week’s score next week!

All this to say- our children are watching. It’s important for them to see us try hard things. It’s important for them to see that it doesn’t always come easily- that with hard work, consistency, grit and determination you can get things done. That leading an active lifestyle is a choice worth making to be the best version of yourself! And if sharing it with your community makes you feel good- share away!!

Until next time- have an inspired day!