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It all started with some sunscreen

Picture from 2016- packaging looks different now- but the product is still just as effective and a family favorite!

There are times in our life when we start to make healthier choices. At least that has been my journey. Approaching 40- better start moving this body mine and before I know it I’m running a marathon. Have kids- start looking a little more closely at the labels of things like sunscreen. We joke but our youngest has some very pale white skin. When he was a baby I was always worried about keeping his skin protected from the sun. I laugh because I can distinctly remember putting baby oil on my skin before going out in the sun as a teenager, but alas I digress. I knew I was doing something right when our pediatrician commented at how great the boys’ skin was even in the summer, that I was clearly slathering them up effectively with sunscreen.

Sunscreen is one of those things that has a lot of opinions in regards to keeping our oceans safe and avoiding unnecessary chemicals for our skin. Introduce Beautycounter sunscreen. Years, I’m talking 8 plus years ago I was introduced to Beautycounter sunscreen and it’s been the only sunscreen we use on the boys. It started with the sunscreen sticks, because who doesn’t want to make things easier?! We still use the sticks on their face and neck. No rubbing. Easy application. To be honest until recently we only used the sticks, but now that the boys are older and less squirmy during sunscreen application we use the lotion as well. A little goes a long way. There’s no heavy odor after applying and no greasiness. The best part- it works! The sweat proof, water proof sunscreen protects the boys (and us) day in and day out.

So, why am I sharing this now? While you should wear sunscreen year round, I’m in the throws of applying sunscreen every morning before we get out the door for camp/work. So it’s fresh on my brain how much I love this sunscreen. I even carry a sunscreen stick in my bag all the time, because well you never know when you might find yourself outside and need a quick application or the kids might need a touch up. I’ve raved about it for years, shared about it on social for my friend Jodi, amazing Beautycounter consultant and finally decided why not join the Beautycounter family and more formally share my love of sunscreen. Well that and I needed a real kick in the pants to get my skincare routine back in order. I used to be so consistent and have not been for quite some time. I’m off the age where caring for my skin is important- just as important and moving for at least 30 minutes and drinking my water, right? You’ve seen the memes about it being time for a night serum. It’s past time!

Yes, over the years I have done everything from sell jewelry to children’s books (my first and probably most beloved thing that I sold and kickstarted a love or reading for the boys). This is different, I’m a touch busier now that I’ve gone back to work full time (just a touch 😉 and gearing up for marathon training, while balancing all the things for the boys. So while I’m not necessarily looking to make Beautycounter a business, I will be sharing my love of sunscreen and hopefully my skincare journey along the way- no different than I share my runs and the books that I’m reading. Want to try it- reach out. Want to read a book I suggest- please do so we can chat! Want to talk about running?? I’m game any day of the week.

Take a look around to see the other amazing products Beautycounter has to offer. Until next time- run, read, repeat! Have an inspired day!