More than running- books, learning activities and more!

This started as just a place to share running/racing updates. Well, bam then Covid happened and while I’ve competed in some virtual races I haven’t really done any you know since the Virtual NYC Marathon in October 2020. Then I started subbing at school and my brain has shifted to learning based activities and reading challenges. And while I can talk until I’m blue in the face about running, running gear, prepping for a race, life after a race etcetera I’ve realized that there’s a whole lot more to life than running to share. Shocking I know that there could possibly be more than running to share!! So I’ll be broadening the scope of my posts in the coming weeks!

What to expect?

  • A summer reading “bucket” list for kiddos
  • An adult summer reading challenge
  • Suggestions from one of my favorite places Lakeshore with ideas to stop the “summer slide.”
  • Review of Kiwi Crates- the monthly subscription box for kids with a hands on activity
  • and more!!

I know it’s only April but I’m already mentally preparing for summer. Checking all the boxes to be prepared to “take it easy.” We all know there really is no taking it easy when you have kids, however the summer is definitely a more calm time with less scheduled activities and the ability to pick and choose what you would like to do. Last summer it was 100% camp mom all summer long. This year we anticipate the boys heading back to day camp for a few weeks, along with the much anticipated “Camp Mom” for a few weeks as well. We will work together to organize a plan of the things we want to accomplish. Much of it fun- like making s’mores or playing in the pool. But there will be sight words, time telling, reading a more to keep their brains engaged while they relax.

So stay tuned as I begin to get us thinking about being organized with some fun but educational plans to supplement camp or to help fill some time with activities!!