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Why I joined Book of the Month (BOTM)

I’ve been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. In my adult years my reading has ebbed and flowed based upon other responsibilities (i.e. law school, kids, work etc.). Recently, I’m back on the reading bandwagon hard. I have a few favorite authors Michael Connelly, David Baldalcci, Lisa Scottoline, Fredrik Backman, J.A. Jance (if I could run a marathon listening to one of her books then she has to be a favorite for sure). Basically, I find an author that I like and I read everything they write…until I’m caught up and anxiously awaiting new releases. I’ve always struggled to find new titles to read and frequently look for recommendations. Goodreads has been a great place to see what others have read and liked, but similar to clothing and always picking the same thing I always steer towards the same types of books.

I read on my Kindle. In general I borrow e-books from my local library and read on my Kindle or sometimes my phone if I’m trying to squeeze in a few extra pages. To get wild and crazy I recently started listening on Audible to combine with my reading so I could listen while I run. Needless to say I’m trying to make all the time to find new books and read when possible. So, why add another variable like BOTM?

First, I’ll say I did a lot of research before deciding on BOTM. There are a lot of choices when it comes to book subscriptions. Many select the book for you. This was a deal breaker for me. I still want to have some control over what I’m reading. Some include other items to go with the book- “extras.” Let’s be real, I don’t need any extra “stuff” to go with the book, I just need the book. BOTM is special because each month they feature five books and you get to choose which of the five you want that month. If nothing looks exciting to you- you can pass for the month or select a book from a previous month. Also, they have add on books that you can choose from too! So basically BOTM seemed like the best of all words to me and what I was looking to get from a book subscription. What did I want?


Years and years ago a friend suggested I read Beartown by Fredrik Backman. Me: “a book about hockey, seriously?” In case you haven’t read it, the book is about way more than hockey! It rates as one of the top books I’ve read…EVER. So if you haven’t read it yet…run and get Beartown and Us Against You the sequel. You won’t be disappointed. But the point to all of this babbling is I’m generally in a rut of what “type” of book I read. Legal mysteries. Think Law and Order in book form- that’s my go to. Which means I read Grisham, Connelly, and Baldalcci as soon as their books come out because I’ve already read everything else that they’ve written. I generally don’t care if I’m reading the new “hot” book that everyone else is reading. However, I’m now eager to be more in the “know” for what has been released and want to branch out. So why, BOTM?? I loved the fact that there are five books to choose from each month in a variety of genres. Not just that there are add on books that you can choose from as well. If you are anything like me having a choice is crucial, a total surprise book would not be my cup of tea. I want to still have some control over what I’m reading, while at the same time branching out. Plus BOTM features debut authors so it’s a great way to try new things!! See, back to that branching out idea!

Great gift idea and a way to reconnect

So I am totally excited about BOTM that I want to share it with all my friends. Ever have that happen? You try something new and then you want to share it with everyone?? I realized it was the perfect retirement gift for a friend. And then even more importantly the best birthday gift for my friend from college as it would also allow us to form our own “book club” and create an excuse for us to build time into each month to talk. She wants to read more, and I want to read new and different books. We both want time to connect. Win- win, am I right?

Read a “real” book again

Don’t get me wrong, I carry my Kindle with me everywhere. It’s great to read on in low light because it’s backlit or in the sunlight. It’s lightweight and totally convenient to keep with me. Plus I can read on my Kindle pick up where I left off on my phone or with Audible. But for a book lover there’s truly something about having a “real” book. When I read with the boys it’s always a “real” book. I know what you are thinking…do you really want/need more books in your house when you are doing? The short answer to that question is no. But my thought is to pass the books along to friends and family who might be interested and encourage them to do the same. Additionally, I’ll happily donate them to the Maryland Book Bank or maybe the boys and I will start our own Little Free Library. How fun would that be? The point being I can’t wait to enjoy reading a “real” book again. Plus then the boys see me reading an actual book rather than on a device. Raising readers to love “real” books by example is key!!

Do you want to give it a try?

Does this sound appealing to you? There’s no commitment. You can opt to sign up for one month to give it a try or possibly you want to sign up for a year and save? Either way if you want to learn more visit Book of the Month. Stay tuned as I’m thinking about a fun way to engage over books this summer with an adult summer reading challenge!

In the mean time- have an inspired day!