Life Lessons

What’s in a name and shifting focus…just a bit!

When I started this blog over two years ago I was a stay at home mom. We were pre-pandemic (can you remember life before then) and I was looking for a way to use my brain a little bit while capturing my running journey. In the last two years and two months a few things have changed. Let’s see- there was a global pandemic that kept us locked down for months. Both of my kids are now in school all day and I went back to work full time. That’s really some broad strokes for what the last two years have entailed. It’s not surprising, that my focus has shifted a little bit with my blogging. While I remain engaged in blogging (not nearly as much as I would like, but hoping to make some more time for it again) the things I want to share have changed a little bit. What started as Inspire Active Style- as I was not only trying to remember my inspiration in being active…while looking good and selling activewear has become a little different.

Different how? The running focus is still there. Running is a huge part of my life and something I truly enjoy. But at the same time, it’s not quite as much as it was when I started this blog. Truth be told, there are only so many hours in the day. Running is a part of the day, the week, my planning for races and such but there are a lot of other things happening at the same time. Capturing how I’m feeling both physically and mentally as I prepare for a race, especially gearing up for the Chicago Marathon in October are important to me. It’s the sociologist in me- I want to memorialize and also be able to look back at the experience- what worked, what didn’t and the lessons learned along the way. But I’m looking to broaden my horizons.

Something that I reconnected with during the pandemic and then again during my time subbing in the library at school is my passion for books and reading. Reading has always been an integral part of our house. The boys have been exposed to books basically since the moment they were born. We have more books in our house…than I care to admit. Yes, I know there are amazing places called libraries. For the longest time that was one of our most favorite outings. Then you know the story- Covid came and we started buying books to fill the time. I also think about how my grandfather had tons (I mean tons) of books that he collected from garage sales and thrift stores, etc. I see this in my future! You know, I told the boys the other day when we were heading to a local independent bookstore- we were going somewhere that they would see something we had a lot of, but could never have too many. The point is that we love books, we read daily and reading is a family affair. So, why wouldn’t reading and books be part of my blog story?

It makes sense. We are all multi-faceted. Why should a blog be about just one thing? All this to say- in addition to sweaty running selfies, you’re in for shelfies and book stacks. My favorite Book of the Month, authors and places to get books. Not to mention on the fun book “stuff” I acquire along the way. Because we all know, once I go down this rabbit hole of the book world there will be so many goodies to share!!

So, my blog is here to stay. It’s focus-is a little bit different. You can still find me on instagram as, but you’ll see the added byline of Read.Run.Repeat. So that way I can remember from where I came and to where I am headed. Life lesson- we are always evolving and growing. Don’t be afraid to see where you wind up!